"In the Winds” by Kolter Booth (2013)
The first aspect of this composition one sees is the compass rose with the Wind River Range behind it highlighted by Fremont Peak rising into the sky. I feel that this sight is very important to Pinedale as when one looks north from within the city limits they are looking in the general direction of Fremont Peak. Also, I show the mountains reflecting in Fremont Lake, a sight that almost all are familiar with here in Pinedale. This is also a common orientation for the large viewing windows in many Pinedale residents’ homes. As an engineer, I find myself surveying in town frequently. I often use the Wind Rivers and Fremont Peak for a quick orientation check.

Secondly, I wanted to concentrate on Pinedale’s unique wildlife. I show a sage grouse, a goose and a golden trout. Pinedale’s wildlife is part of what makes Pinedale a great place to live. That is why I depicted these amazing creatures. The Wind River Mountains are home to the largest golden trout in the world and therefore make it a unique and noteworthy aspect of Pinedale wildlife. Everyday as I drive home, I drive along Goose Lane and geese regularly land in my backyard. Sage grouse can be seen in and around Pinedale and make the abundant sage meadows around Pinedale their homes.

Lastly, I wanted to illustrate a common recreational activity here in Pinedale, one that is very important to me. I am an avid fly fisherman and feel that I love living in Pinedale because of its fantastic fishing opportunities. For these reasons, I depict a fly in the SW quadrant of my concept design. If this medallion were to be oriented with north being the top, those traversing a public walkway in an east west manner (as is typical along Main Street) will be able to appreciate the entirety of the medallion.

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Cast Iron
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