"Now We're Here” by Carly Covill (2014)
When I first heard about this contest, my first thought was to have my theme be based on Pinedale’s wildlife. However, as I began to research both the history of Wyoming and this town’s current hold in the oil industry, I decided to change my perspective on this project. The idea I want viewers to receive from this design is the past mixed with the present. I split the circular design into halves, one black [curved background texture] and the other white [straight background texture] for contrast between the times. The black represents the future, because as we all know, it is never clear. Further, some argue that the past is easier to look back at and understand from our perspective. Next, I found items from Wyoming’s past. The gears represent those found in trains. Wyoming is commonly perceived as having trains, since it is known as “The Wild West.” Therefore, I decided to add these reminders of our history. I added barbed wire, which was used both in the past and is still in current use. This is why it is both black and white, past and present. Horses are still in current use, so I placed a horseshoe into my piece since they are so often associated with the “Cowboy Theme” that represents our state. Lastly, I added the oil industry. The ripples in the black area represent oil, and it just so happens, the black represents the future in this piece. Oil and natural gas, I believe, are not only the future of Pinedale, but for the United States as a whole.

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