"Point of Compromise” by David K. Klarén (2011)

This project is a revitalization of his original mural, "The Winds", painted while he was in college in 1986. "The Winds" was based on a series of black and white aquatint etchings of the Wind River Mountains, that he completed in 1984-5. "Point of Compromise" is commissioned by the Rodger's Family Trust, in partnership with the Pinedale Fine Arts Council's In|Site:Ex|Site Public Art Program.

Interestingly, just as the original mural was a colorized version of a previous series of black and white images, so to is "Point of Compromise". "Point of Compromise" is the first full color piece from his Silhouette Series of black and white ink and graphite drawings begun in 2009 The color palette is very similar, adding to their sibling quality.

The title comes from the following piece of writing David did at the time as I was working on the concept and designs for this new mural.

A fence, as an object, is meant to either keep things in, or out: domestic animals, wildlife, people. It denotes ownership, possession. This is mine, not yours, or vice versa. A closed gate denotes exclusion. Someone, or something is not allowed within. For this mural, the fence is also be a metaphor for many other things that we use define our inclusiveness or exclusiveness within bounded groupings. We use race, religion, politics, sex, geography and many other things to define who we are, and who others are not: me/you, us/them, male/female, right/wrong, powerful/week, victim/victimizer, saved/condemned, democrat/republican. The open gate represents a point of inclusiveness, a point of commonality between two or more parties or philosophies. The open gate represents...potential.....hope.

Points on a Line

Two points being,
On a long perspective line.
The first being yours,
The second one, is mine.

Our theories and ideas,
Between us, greatly differ,
But for country, and this town,
Our love shall never wither.

The two points closing,
In distance, up the rise,
Embracing one another,
At the point, of compromise.

Project Details
Latex and Montana aerosol on cinder block
Size 14' x 65'
Location: Pinedale Post Office
431 West Pine Street, Pinedale, WY




{ADDRESS} 432 West Pine :: PO Box 1586 :: Pinedale Wyoming 82941 {PHONE} 307.367.7322

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