"Our Glittering World” by Sue Sommers (2012)
“Our Glittering World” is an 8’x20’ acrylic mural installed on the West side of Rock Rabbit. The theme of this mural, along with the parent body of studio work titled “Remembered Color”, is inspired by the local landscape, but does not depict a specific place. Instead of a traditional photographic source for reference, Sue takes a mental “snapshot” of a place, including color, time of day, feeling, light, etc, and uses that as her departure point to explore the layers of color and brushstrokes within the surface of the painting. This process allows for the further exploration of how “landscape” is interpreted, and adds to the more traditional and realistic approaches of landscape painting.

Project Details
Acrylic on panel
8’ x 20’
Location: Rock Rabbit Coffee House
23 West Pine Street, Pinedale, WY



Artist Webpage

{ADDRESS} 432 West Pine :: PO Box 1586 :: Pinedale Wyoming 82941 {PHONE} 307.367.7322

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