The following measures will be in place for all outdoor concerts held at American Legion Park in Pinedale, WY for Summer 2020. This page will be updated regularly throuout the summer.

1. Attendance for Legion Park shows will be capped for both safety and to adhere to Wyoming State COVID-19 recommendations. The current attendance cap is 475.

2. Entrance to American Legion Park will be only through two monitored entrances.

3. Social Distancing (minimum 6 feet) will be mandatory between groups of no greater than six people. A group may constitute one person or up to six people. Some exceptions will be made for larger groups.

4. All shows will be of a sit down/no dancing nature. Additionally we will enforce a social distance of 12 feet from the stage on all sides to best protect our sound/production crew and our artists.

5. Attendees will be seated in accordance with the checkerboard seating arrangement
developed by Jorgensen Associates (please see the below attached file), with alternate
squares being occupied by attendees in a checkerboard fashion.

Click here to view/download map (jpg)

Each group will receive a ticket, their numbers will be counted, and they will be escorted. Each square will have a maximum of four adults or family of six or less individuals. The squares will be marked out for each event by the Town of Pinedale.

At the end of the concert the ushers will ensure the orderly dispersal of the attendees.

6. Masks will be recommended for attendees both at the time of arrival and in any
advertising. Nonperforming staff will wear masks.

7. No food services will operate within the confines of the park during the concert.


The Pinedale Fine Arts Council is proud to present the 13th Annual Soundcheck Summer Music Series. All shows are free and are held at American Legion Park in Pinedale. Opening bands start at 5:00 pm and headliners go on around 7:00 pm unless stated otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I stay (hotel, motel, B&B)?
Please check out this link which will list all lodging options near American Legion Park: > Lodging in Pinedale

2. Where can I camp?
Camping is not permitted in American Legion Park but Pinedale is the gateway to the Winds there are plenty of places to camp. Check out this link:
> Camping in or near Pinedale

3. Is there food/drink available at the events?
Yes. Food and drinks are available at all shows.

4. How should I dress?
It gets cold at night so bring a jacket if you're planning on staying out past 9 p.m.


{ADDRESS} 470 Marilyn :: PO Box 1586 :: Pinedale Wyoming 82941 {PHONE} 307.367.7322

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